VLASI Individual Memberships

Life changing Health Programs tailored and personalized for your needs, goals, and success.


90 Day Commitment

Ready to get going right now? This 90 Day program will launch you into your custom health and well-being strategies and goals.


  • Coach Sessions & Progress Reviews

  • Personalized Meal Plan   

  • Nutrition Guidance & Support 

  • Wheel of Health

  • 24/7 Email Access for Maximum Support and much more!


Whole Health for YOU
90 Day Commitment

Make BIG changes and get your life back on track for longterm health with this highly effective individualized program.


With our unique 90 Day integrative health and well-being program you receive:


  • Comprehensive Health Intake 

  • Weekly Sessions

  • Personalized Meal Plans   

  • Personalized Movement Guides 

  • Body Composition Analysis

  • 24/7 Email Access for Maximum Support and much more!

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Maintain Your Success
Monthly Commitment

After the successful completion of our Whole Health For YOU Program, we strongly recommend our Maintain Your Success Program for continued accountability and support. 

Included in the program are:


  • Check-Ins        

  • Nutritional Guidance & Education

  • Access to Virtual Groups

  • 24/7 Email Access for Maximum Support

  • Mindful Awareness Support and much more!

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